segunda-feira, 30 de agosto de 2010

Google it: "When will i find love?"

"When will I find love?"

É verdade, num pequeno acto de ingenuidade, vi-me na tentação de descobrir a resposta à minha pergunta através do tão nosso amigo Google.

Acabei por descobrir um site de quizzes: TeenNick, que me consegiu responder da seguinte forma:

«You'll find love when you get over you-know-who.
Got a go-nowhere crush? A never-ending infatuation with your ex? Those feelings suck for so many reasons... but here's one more. All the time you spend thinking about that seemingly perfect person might be preventing you from finding love with someone even more awesome. Pretend for a moment that your crush's name is Jamie. It's like your brain only has two categories -- "Jamie" and "Not Jamie." As long as you obsess over Jamie, you've closed off any possibility of finding love with a Not Jamie, even if it's the funniest, cutest, perfect-for-you-est Not Jamie in the world. Someday, you'll start to find one of those many adorable Not Jamies attractive... and that's when you'll find love.»

I'll keep waiting...

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