sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010

"I Wanna Fight For This"(original) by Me

"[Verse 1]
I can see your eyes, they’re following mine
Even if I try, my happiness I won’t be able to hide
You’re the only one who makes me shine
It’s like everything you say or do it gives a sign

When I look at you, everybody says my eyes can glow
Tired of doing my life based on yours
I want to be free, even though my heart says no
Don’t know where I have to go

I wanna fight for this
But I’m kinda tired… of these worthless wars
Wouldn’t be easier with a kiss?
Why did you stop… opening our doors? / You’de be mine and I’de be yours.

For you I was special, I thought
Started to realized, I was nothing at all
In the middle of this dream I was caught
Was I like fell in the floor, and started to crawl

I wondered how it would be to be you
How to turn a lie into true
How something so simple could tune me so down
When you turned me a queen, and then took me my crown
You liar"

Sara Melo

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